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19 months - 3 years

As your child grows older and begins to interact with the world around them, Kingsland Child Care will be there to guide their development, encourage positive interactions, and develop independent thought. 


The toddler years will be some of the most formative, and important, years of your child's life. Kingsland Child Development Centre strives to ensure that every child has the guidance they need to grow, the freedom they need to learn, and the resources they need to excel. 

Ages 3 years - 4 1/2 years

We believe that before starting school, children should be encouraged to learn how to learn! Our programs are designed with this idea in mind. However, our programs don't just offer educational instruction. They provide children with a dynamic environment where positive attitudes and social interactions play a crucial role in their development. 


Our educators aim to provide your child with a deep understanding of the knowledge that will benefit them throughout their school, while helping them to develop a positive attitude towards education.


School Age Program

The before and after school program is designed to provide children with the positive social atmosphere that they crave during their school years. Simultaneously, we also provide parents with the flexibility they require for their work schedule, allowing them to take care of their responsibilities while resting assured that their children are safe in our centre.​

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